The Mobile Music World – A Look At Music Lovers From An App Perspective

When we created our headphone cord protection product we always had the mobile music lover in mind. As traveling enthusiasts of music ourselves we were tired of never having the right solution for our earbud and headphone wires and as the famous saying goes in this case “necessity was truly the mother of invention” in this case. Wanting to initially only help ourselves we started to take notice on just how big of a trend mobile music was becoming. Since the beginning of time humans have enjoyed music and now with the creation of the internet and music online we have the ability to enjoy music wherever we are now more then ever before. Mobile music is about enjoying a personal art medium worry and hassle free and that is what we are ultimately about as well. Lets take a look at a few statistics from the app tapjoy network to get a little better idea about we are so excited to be joining the mobile music space and industry.

Encouraging Mobile Music Stat #1: 90% Percentage of Mobile Music Lovers That Have Multiple Music Apps on Their Smartphones, Tablets or Other Mobile Devices

What we really like about this stat is the fact that is shows that people that enjoy mobile music also like variety and are willing to try new products and services. We often feel that if we could only get people to try our product that it is something they would find truly valuable in improving their overall mobile music experience.

Encouraging Mobile Music Stat #2: 1 in 3 People Prefer Their Mobile Device Over The Desktop or Radio When Discovering New Music

This fact really highlights how popular mobile music is truly becoming. People are making the transition to a more mobile world and that means there will be a need for products and services to follow. Headphones are smaller. Listening devices are smaller. Music's ability to be present in our lives in new and unique ways is really driving all the new innovations in that are coming out and we hope that our products will at the very least be a small part of this new mobile music revolution.

Encouraging Mobile Music Stat #3: 62% Spend At Least 3 Hours Per Week Gaming and Listening To Game Music

This is just further evidence of how much time is now being spent on mobile devices to enjoy various forms of media with sound. From songs to videos to games mobile music is expanding at such a rapid rate its hard to even keep up with all the new technologies and changes we are seeing in the market today. People need their music while out and about and we want to be part of this growth through every step of the way. Were all about making the mobile music experience that much better and its starts with making it easier to keep playing and that is where we come into play.