TuneTether – Product Write Up and Overview

Tired of constantly having to untangle your headphone cords? Portable earbud wires always seem to be taking on too much wear and tear? We know listening to music while on the go or during strenuous activities can also place strain on the devices we choose to stream it through which is why we decided to come up with the TuneTether cord protection system to keep your earbuds safe. Now you can easily avoid the annoying dragging, sagging, twisting, flopping, bouncing, dangling, and dropping that often occurs when you are taking your music mobile or trying to enjoy it by yourself during a particular activity by utilizing the TuneTether. Its management and organization for your earbuds that you will be asking yourself why you did not start using it sooner. Having to always replace headphones can get expensive which is why TuneTether's main goal is to protect them from breaking. Earbud wires are often thin and easily damaged which is where TuneTether's abilities really come into play. If you have been looking for the next generation in portable music accessories look no further then TuneTether line of music products.

Keeping Your Music Close and Your Headphones Even Closer