Motivational Muscle Building Music


As a business based in music products we are always on the hunt for what different types of music get people exited about various activities. One big new trend we have witnessed lately is the incorporation of music and dancing into the healthy living lifestyle as seen in workout programs like CIZE. From the gym, to exercising outdoors, to working out at home you can now find a wonderful variety of musical acts who are embracing this new found obsession with living a positive and healthy lifestyle. Similar to music in the sense that fitness is expansive in its connection with different societies and holding a special ability to touch people internationally and from all races the two very much mesh well together in terms of there ability to touch the masses. Also both are used for confidence building and motivation and when combined have a chance to do a lot of good for the current state of the planet. While music has been around forever of course, its use to encourage better and more enjoyable workouts is still a relatively new concept and it will be exciting to see how the two can be incorporated together even further. There are few things we like to do more then throw on an amazing pair of head phones with our Tunetether technology, a playlist of our favorite motivational songs and then get ready for an up tempo and high energy workout. Lets take a look at a few of our most loved songs to workout to and hopefully get readers excited about exercising again.


Fitness Song To Get Pumped About Working Out To Number One: “Eye of the Tiger,” By Survivor


If you have never heard “eye of the tiger” by Survivor it is a must listen at some point before or during a workout. A 1980's cult classic this is one historical piece of music that can still inspire today. Made most famous by the Rocky movies and his rises to the peaks of physical fitness this is one song that is sure to get you hype about hitting the weights or headed off to your next routine.


Fitness Song To Get Pumped About Working Out To Number Two: “Mama Said Knock You Out,” LL Cool J


We really like the aggressive nature of this song and its hard hitting base and powerful workout related lyrics are sure to get anybody in the mood for a little high intensity physical activity. If you working out by way of boxing and combat fighting then this is a winner you will want to put in your corner. If you want to get motivated about hitting the workouts harder this is a jam you will want to have on repeat.


Fitness Song To Get Pumped About Working Out To Number Three: “Chest Day,” Frank Zane



We had o include this one just on principle as it is performed by an actual body builder and three time Mr. Olympic. We all know how hard it can be sometimes to get up and go to the gym but when you have a song about “chest day” playing its difficult not to let your mind think about working out. Music is the perfect compliment to exercise as seen in places like this CIZE review so the next time you are feeling a little lazy or unmotivated throw on your favorite workout soundtrack and get back to do those things that keep us immersed in a healthy way of living. If you could pick a favorite song to exercise to which one would it be?