3 Must Songs For The Hip Hop Vape Pen Enthusiast – Favorite Vaping Rap Music To Blow Clouds To


As music related product company we are constantly on the look out for what is hot in the artist community. One major new wave we have seen come across the scene is the incorporation of vaping and vaporizer pen references that can now be found in so many great songs. From wax pens, to dab pens, to vape pens you can now find a plethora of musical artists putting their creative spin on this new found passion among so many across the world. Similar to music in the sense that vaping is limitless in its connection with different cultures and holding a speacial ability to reach across borders the two very much compliment each other in there community reach. Also both used for healing and relaxtion the two when combined have a chance to do a lot of good for the current state of the planet. While music has been around forever of course, vaping is still very new and it will be interesting to see where its growth will take it. There are few things we like to do more then throw on an amazing pair of head phones with our Tunetether technology, a playlist of our favorite songs and then kick back somewhere and relax while puffing on the vape pen or dab pen. Lets take a look at a few of our favorite and best vaporizer pen and dab related music to hopefully get the ball rolling on more great suggestions and to hopefully provide the vape and music communities


Vape Pen and Vaping Rap Related Song To Check Out Number One: Cloud Chasers “Vape Anthem” and Cloud Chasers Vape Anthem Part 2 "Fog Up the Room"


One of the original hi hop vape groups we always have to give it up to the Cloud Chasers as true pioneers in the vape music scene. We also love the iconic name of “cloud chasers” as it to has so much within the vape community making this pick full of great memories and great vibes which is exactly what we like to see in our vape jams to rock out to. If you like Rap and Hip Hop and your like to fire up the vape pen every once in awhile then most likely you will find some joy in giving these songs a listen as well.


Vape Pen and Vaping Rap Related Song To Check Out Number Two: Dirtbag Dan “Slab City”


A world renowned and world class battle rapper DirtBag Dan is no stranger to musical talent and entertainment. Also the host and owner of a famous battle event/league as well as a popular podcast dedicated to battle rap this is little this man can not do when it comes to artistic creativity. Also an avid supporter of dab and wax pens Dirtbag Dan loves to support the community and this certainly shows through catchy and next level production songs like “Slab City”. If you like best dab pen specific music that is first class all around due to check out the work by Dirtbag Dan. Always a unique listen and something to get pumped up to vape to very easily.


Vape Pen and Vaping Rap Related Song To Check Out Number Three: Ghostface Killah “Starry Winters”



Ghostface Killah brand amabassador and owner of Dynamite Stix vape pen and Wu Goo CBD oils is a rap legened hailing from the Wutang Clan that is now showing his enthusiasiam for the vaporizer pen scene. Its always exciting to see the music scen embrace new avenues while interacting with popular times and Ghostface Killah getting involved is just another great sign of that.